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About Ethernal Payouts

Who can get payouts?

As a member of the Ethernal Society, you are eligible to participate in Ethernal Payouts. This means that you have the opportunity to receive your share of the proceeds from the project. Forever.

From which money?

What are the proceeds? All royalties from OpenSea resales and all proceeds from the sales of Ethernal Society NFTs, which are auctioned every 1024 members. Read more about the Ethernal Society here.

How is this calculated?

Your share is calculated as follows: Number of your NFTs by the number of all owners times total credits times 0.8. That means, if you own 10 Ethernal Faces NFTs you are entitled to Ξ8 out of a total balance of Ξ8124.

Why only 80%?

The remaining 20% is used for the running costs of the project. That means: marketing, exhibitions, community management, etc.