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the blockchain
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What is
Ethernal Faces NFT?

With Ethernal Faces NFT you can become immortal as an NFT. Not only that, as a member of the Ethernal Society you become part of something bigger, part of a complex work of art. And in addition, you can earn some money, since all proceeds go back into the community.

Become Immortal

How does it work?

1. You

Sit down in front of your webcam and prepare yourself. This will be a special moment.

2. Pixels

Your Image will be pixelated. Pixels are very important to show that you’re an NFT.

3. Metadata

Add Metadata to yourself. How’s your name? What’s your mood? Tell the world about you.

4. Mint

Connect your Metamask and make it official. This is the only way to verify you as a human.

5. Ethernal Society

Help us to complete the Ethernal Society, a combination of 1024 individuals. 8 rounds each.

Minting Area

(Currently only availiable for pre-launch members)

1. Take a picture

2. Your name

3. Your gender

4. Your age

5. Your mood

6. Your description

7. Terms and Conditions

7. Become Immortal

You need to connect your wallet

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1. Round Start

Each round is limited 1024 faces. No whitelist - first in line, first in time.

2. Round Finish

After 1024 faces are generated the mint will be closed until the next round starts.

3. Ethernal Society

An image of the Ethernal Society will be generated containing all faces of one round.

4. Auction

A large NFT will be generated by the group participants, which will be auctioned on OpenSea. The proceeds go back to the holders.

5. New Round

In total 8 rounds will be held. So the supply is limited to 8192 faces.

6. Payout

Earnings will go back to the community, including royalities and Ethernal Society sells.

7. Project End

The Project is completed after all faces are generated.

8. Time After

Payouts of royalities will be controlled by a smart contract, forever.

9. Conclusion

Findings of this project will be used for a real-life exhibiton.

Frequently Asked Questions

The project was initiated by Toni Minge, painter and programmer from Berlin.

Toni Minge, born in a cold summer in 1995, was raised in a small village in the desert of Germany – so-called Saxony-Anhalt. From there he found his way to Leipzig where he studied fine arts at Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst. After then everything changed: Berlin has become his new home.

Since 2019, he leads his own agency Minge+Schmidt as founder and head of programming with his good friend and co-founder Johannes Schmidt. Together they have worked with a wide range of clients including Native Instruments, Arte, TU Berlin, and many more.

A crucial theme for Toni Minge's artistic work is the investigation of non-esoteric aura and its reproducibility. The capitalization and digitalization of social structures play an essential role in this, which is also the origin of Toni Minge's latest project: "Ethernal Faces". An attempt to investigate the influence of capital and digitality in human interaction through NFTs.